What is the source of these summaries and links?

All the links and summaries are imported from the Adams Report, a daily emailed summary of the day’s most important casino stories. Click here to sign up for a free trial subscription to CDC Gaming Reports – including The Flash, The Adams Daily Report, Weekend Reports and Late Breaking News.

Why are some countries under subject, when others are under region?

Since our casino coverage is heavily based in the US, each state is listed as its own region. For international casino stories, choose the continent from the “Region” section, then a list of subjects, including individual countries and/or cities will appear under subjects. Canada is the only exception and is listed under its own region.

I’ve found a broken full story link, what should I do?

Since news websites are notorious for changing links around a creating broken links. We recommend you search the title of the story in Google with quotes around it, like “Article title”, for more information.